Pool Water

Pool water - high standards of hygiene...

... Ultrafiltration is the ideal solution

This is demonstrated already by over 250 systems, with more than 25,000 m³/h with system sizes up to 420 m³/h – W.E.T. is the market leader for this!


Your benefits and advantages

  • High-end technology with ultrafiltration
  • Germfree water, no filter contamination
  • Fine filtration leads to fewer reaction partners for chlorine
  • Pursuant to the German DIN 19643 only half the volume flow compared to fixed-bed filters
  • Low internal height (2.0 m), transport through doors of 0.8 m width
  • Compact and flexible design adaptable to every room
  • No channel connections, low operational weight
  • No rinsing water reservoir, no rinsing waste water reservoir
  • Fully automatic operation, only chemical
  • containers need to be exchanged
  • Low operating costs, low operating pressures
  • Long service life of the membranes
  • Operational safety assured by remote monitoring
  • Highest level of safety for pool guest






Treatment must be so good that no additional chlorine is needed to reach the treatment target. The added chlorine serves only to avoid bathers from infecting others in the pool. Chlorine may not serve to offset the reduced functioning of the filter system.
You will be on the safe side with ultrafiltration!


There are strict regulations for therapy pools in Germany. Treatment that offers the highest level of hygienic safety is required. This is why a virus-tight membrane filter system according to DIN 19643-4 is authorised for ultrafiltration in therapy pools.

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Ultrafiltration – the future standard
for highest demands...

...e.g. at „Four Seasons Honkong“

Here, an ultrafiltration system from W.E.T. ensures the highest hygienic standards in the treatment of vitality pools and whirlpools.

Anyone who offers his guests luxury also wants to be able to guarantee the safety and health of his guests. This is why more and more hoteliers worldwide rely on ultrafiltration in the wellness areas of the most prestigious hotels.

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