Planning and design of water treatment plants

We will be glad to support you and your planners during the design of ultrafiltration or when creating a new concept for water recycling in your company.

On the basis of water analysis we can define special methods and concepts for your water treatment.

For planners we can provide pre-drafted texts for tender offers and sketches for place requirements.

Development of refurbishment concepts

For existing systems, we can propose to you a concept for redevelopment. Ultrafiltration is very flexible especially in confined areas.

The delivery through normal doors or at low ceiling heights of 2 m does not pose as a problem.

Cost estimates - Operating cost calculations

We can support you from the beginning of the project with cost estimates and operating cost calculations which ensures that you have an immediate idea about future costs.


Construction and sales of test systems

Due to the cooperation with Richter Steuerungstechnik GmbH, we are able to design test facilities in such a way that they meet the requirements in order to obtain meaningful test results.

Remote monitoring enables cost-effective operation of the test facility.

Water analysis for system design or problem solving

The decades of experience of our employees in the field of water treatment enable us to determine procedures on the basis of water analysis or to decide whether tests are required.

In the case of problems with existing water treatment systems, we can often give advice on how to solve the problem if we have meaningful water analyses available.

Our prompt processing of enquiries, the flexible commitment of our employees and the ongoing computer-assisted monitoring of the value-added process result in absolutely punctual deliveries, even for short-term orders.

We are always available to answer any questions you may have during execution and assembly and, if you wish, we can also be on site during implementation. If required, W.E.T. will prepare a documentation of the delivered plant with interface to the overall project in the sense of an efficient communication management also on data carriers.