Water recycling

Rinsing waste water - too bad for the sewer. Saving of water and heating energy by most modern membrane technology.


We should be careful with the resources of this world.

Low operating costs are becoming increasingly important for the operator of a swimming pool. Water and thermal energy play an important role in the operation of a swimming pool.

W.E.T. offers rinse water treatment systems that help to reduce operating costs. By recycling the waste water from the filter flushing, the heating energy can be recovered and the water reused.

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Your benefits and advantages

  • Reduction in costs due to the recycling of the rinse water.
  • Cost savings for heat, water and disposal charges.
  • Fully automatic operation, personnel only required for verification and cartridge exchange.
  • Low head height (2.0 m), transport through doors with width of 0.8m.
  • Detailed planning documentation for standardised facilities or customer-specific adaptation.
  • Provision of cost/benefit analysis.
  • Quick amortisation periods


W.E.T.recycle flow diagram: